3D Printer Arrival in the Prep DT Department

Our Prep School pupils have been very grateful for the donation of a 3D Printer by Chris Bowles of DisplayPro. Since its arrival to the DT Department the 3D Printer has been causing quite a stir, with all DT classes wanting to see it in action. Out Pupils have been using the 3D Printer to bring their imagination to life. George in Year 8 is one pupil who has taken the challenge to build something original, set by Mr Forsey, with enthusiasm and sheer tenacity, and is returning back home time after time to perfect his Formula 1 model car.  Finlay in Year 6 has made his very own model castle too, which we aim to print off this week.

All models are built using the online 3D Printing software TinkerCAD, which all pupils are being taught how to use. A simple platform, it allows the pupils’ imagination to come to life easily, using the full functionality of the computer mouse pad on the school Devices.

Along with a house made by Mr Forsey, several printed mini cats and even an Iron Man golf tee, this particular bit of DT kit is sure providing a popular talking point in the DT Department.

F70A6628 scaled
F70A6623 scaled
F70A6634 scaled
Published On: November 8th, 2022Categories: News, Prep