Meet the Icenian – Lizzie

Icenian Lizzie Lizzie gained A Levels in Business Studies, Drama, and Music from Langley. She always knew she wanted to be a performer and, here, she answers some questions about her time at Langley.


Which extra-curricular activities were you involved in and have they been useful?

Music events like House Music, prom nights and school plays/musicals were great at building confidence within a supportive environment. When I was Head of House for St Giles it was helpful to be involved in organising events like House Music as it required planning as well as performance skills.


Have these activities helped you since school?
Yes, although much of the activities I did were geared to my career aspirations, for me the topics I chose to study provided a great set of transferable skills, in particular business studies (some of which the theories I still apply in my current job)!


What did you do after school?
I trained vocationally as a performer at Bird College of Performing Arts and then did a degree gaining a 1st class Ba Hons in Theatre Dance at London Studio Centre. Both were colleges whereby places are gained via an audition process.

“I would highly recommend Langley if you want a school that encourages students to get involved! Whether that’s sporting, academically, creatively etc. It is a school that takes pride in its students.”

How did you career begin?
After graduating I spent time auditioning in London and, after six months, successfully gained my first contract on a UK tour of an Irish Dance show called Irelands Call.


So far, what have been your post-school highlights?
Most recently the birth of my first baby boy called Solly. He’s now 7 months old! Academically, achieving a 1st in my degree, I was so happy with that. Career wise, being able to travel the world on tour with Spirit of the dance, where I worked up the ranks to be cast as the lead female dancer. I spent time in China, Europe, Israel, Dubai, Canada, and the UK. Also working in the west end at Royal Opera House with the Pet Shop Boys.
Contrastingly from performing, switching career and gaining a formal qualification at an Estate Agent with the NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents) and working 3 years as a senior negotiator.


Did your time at Langley help your attitude towards career choices and progression?

Without a doubt! I have so much to thank Langley for in helping mould who I am as a person both career wise and personally.


What advice you would give to students considering Langley, their A-Levels or careers?
I would highly recommend Langley if you want a school that encourages students to get involved! Whether that’s sporting, academically, creatively etc. It is a school that takes pride in its students. A Levels wise, select subjects that you enjoy and are curious about learning more. If you find the topic interesting, there’s more chance you’ll do well at it, because you’ll naturally want to invest your time studying it, rather than picking a subject because you think it’s what you ‘should’ do. Career wise, the best advice I can give is that you can successfully have more than one career, at different times or at the same time! You can be as diverse as you wish, providing you work hard to achieve your goals. The world is your oyster and it is so much fun to be able to have a career you love and that challenges you (as well as pays the bills)!


Your fondest memory of Langley?
Without a doubt, the time spent within the music and drama departments. I loved my singing lessons on a Wednesday morning at 8am (I got there early to fit it in!) I loved performing in Metamorphosis
as a beetle and hanging off a scaffolding rig, and I really enjoyed being involved in the House competitions. A very special drama teacher named Gi Gi was so wonderful, I learnt a lot from her. Finally, the first friend I made in Year 6, called Hannah, is still a really close friend now 20 years later and we both had our baby boys last year, so they will grow up together!


Shout out
To Hannah Davey (that first friend of mine) she has had a successful career as a yoga instructor and is now a qualified midwife!


Final thoughts
The school motto ‘perseverando’ has stayed with me ever since being at Langley. In the world of theatre we would say ‘the show must go on’ and in my opinion, it’s helped me build resilience and determination to do my best. So, my advice to the students is try your best and, if you do that, you can be proud of yourself.

Published On: February 6th, 2024Categories: News