Scholarship assessment day

Nelson FI

Former Langley Heads of School, Scholars Tegan and Joe

On Monday 21st February, we held the inaugural assessment day for the Nelson Scholarship into Sixth Form. This scholarship was created with a view to provide Year 11 pupils from all across the county with the opportunity to apply for a funded scholarship into Langley Sixth Form.

What makes this scholarship different is it is based upon the School’s values of kindness, curiosity, integrity and confidence. Furthermore, it will be provided in conjunction with Nelsonspirit, who mentor and guide leaders in industry and business, as well as young leaders in Norfolk.

With applications from 14 different schools, we narrowed the enormous field to just 20 students, and there followed an assessment day that would allow applicants to experience something similar to a Graduate Training day, with observations of their work collaborating, leading and being kind to their peers. More than this, individuals had to give a presentation in front of the group, were interviewed by the Headmaster and ran an activity for younger Langley pupils.

“What makes this scholarship different is it is based upon the school values of kindness, curiosity, integrity and confidence.”

It was a full day of wide-ranging assessments, with impressive applicants, so a positive event overall – huge thanks must go to the Nelsonspirit team of Nigel and Charlotte, to the Langley staff who assisted, and to the wonderful catering team who ensured the creative juices were flowing by keeping the students watered and fed.

A separate announcement will be made for the results, once they are confirmed.

Published On: February 25th, 2022Categories: News, Sixth Form