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Bluebell Nursery Prepare for Sports Day

In Bluebell Nursery, we have had a very busy term so far, and the children continue to enjoy the many areas of the grounds available for exploration.

We have three rooms within Bluebell Nursery: Seedlings, Acorns and Oaks. All three rooms have been working hard to prepare for our Sports Day at the end of the month. We hope our mummies and daddies have been practising too!

This week in Bluebell Nursery, the children have been thinking about where the Nursery name comes from, exploring the woods, and observing the changes to the environment.

Seedlings have enjoyed the walks around the grounds and focused on looking at the bluebells this week.

Acorns and Oaks also had great fun in our outdoor learning area and expanded our topic of people who help us in the woodland area. Taking some fire hoses and helmets, the children used their creative and imaginative skills to transform the woods into a fire engine, fairy house fires and the fireman rope. Great work, Creative Connies!

James “we are Bluebell Nursery in Taverham!”

Ellie “Bluebells are small and big like us.”

Rudy “Are we called Bluebell Nursery because of all the bluebells here.”

Published On: May 12th, 2022Categories: News, Nursery

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