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Cambridge visit

Langley Physicists visit Cambridge University and Cavendish laboratory in an eye-opening virtual experience.

For Lower Sixth Langley Physics students, timetabled lessons were rearranged to allow for a virtual visit to Cambridge University just before half term. The day began with a tour of Peterhouse, St John’s and Churchill Colleges, before a presentation about funding and the economic impact of higher education, including the extra income it brings in. Students then received a special tour of Cavendish research laboratories, and were given an insight into current areas of research such as nano photonics, CERN and the use of lasers to hold and stretch human cells.

In the afternoon, students performed experimental work at home, measuring the breaking stress of spaghetti and pendulum analysis, before a final lecture on the analysis of rotating systems (cars looping the loop)!

Huge thanks to Dr Steve Martin and his team at Cambridge University for the opportunity, which students fully engaged with and thoroughly enjoyed.

Published On: February 26th, 2021Categories: News, Sixth Form

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