Early Years

Langley’s Early Years setting is a happy full-time pre-school for children aged 2 to 4 and it is here where the introduction to the School’s Growth Mindset approach starts. It’s action packed and full of challenging, stimulating and fun indoor and outdoor Forest School activities, to satisfy the most inquisitive of minds.

As part of the School, the bespoke Pre-Prep Early Years programme is structured around the ability, personality and interests of each child. At our Taverham Pre-Prep setting, everyone gets lots of individual attention in our child-centred welcoming environment.

We believe that children learn more effectively if they are given strategies to do so. If they understand how they can make decisions and investigate for themselves, they will become more interested, more capable and keen to learn. We build upon experience and start from familiar points with each child. We connect the learning to their individual world and involve parents and families closely with their education.

Every activity is designed to build confidence, stretch imaginations and guide children gently into the wonderful world of learning.

By the time our Pre-Prep Early Years children enter our Pre-Prep Reception classes they are confident learners who are ready to take on new challenges with energy and enthusiasm.

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