Academic update – Economics

The Si Redux Stock Market Trading Game is open to all pupils aged 13 to 19 across the UK. Everyone who enters the competition starts with $100,000. Since the competition opened in October, Lucy (Mancroft, Lower Sixth) has managed to turn this amount into an impressive $142,000 so far, making her top of the leaderboard.

Our Economy students were also invited to take part in the Introduction to Economics event run by Warwick University in collaboration with the Bank of England. Joshua (Crome, Lower Sixth) particularly enjoyed finding out more about Behavioural Economics during an interactive taster lecture delivered by the Department of Economics focussing on ‘thinking fast and slow’ and the nudge theory. Students also got to hear about the wide-ranging work carried out by economists, career opportunities, and what it is like to study Economics at university.

Alongside all this, our Economists are putting together the final touches of their presentations for the upcoming BASE competition. This is an annual competition run by the ICAEW in which teams of students solve various Business problems. They then take on the role of consultants and advise their client as to which option to choose – this year it is a solution for warehouse optimisation. In order to do this, students are given a variety of financial and ethical information to analyse, which provides valuable experience for online interviews and exposure to the type of Business-related questions that might be asked.

Published On: March 19th, 2021Categories: News, Sixth Form