European Day of Languages 2022

The Langley community had a wonderful time celebrating European Languages Day. Our MFL Department put on an assembly featuring some tongue-twisters in French and Spanish, Mr Stubbs ten reasons to learn a language and a reading of the longest words with Luca B reading out the longest words in German and Italian and Lazaros G, the longest word in Greek.

Mr Stubbs hosted a Scavenger Hunt where pupils were given a list of objects in French and Spanish, then using their devices the pupils took a photo of the object and the best photos won. Congratulations to our Scavenger Hunt winners Alexandra G and Maud R in Lower Sixth.

The catering team also put on a special lunch featuring foods from around the world from curry to pasta to moussaka.

We are very lucky to have a culturally rich and diverse community at Langley, which makes celebrating days like European Day of Languages even more special.

Learning a language is a vital skill to have, when you learn another language not only do you learn about the other country, but it also makes you look at your own country in a different way. It makes you a more tolerant person and teaches you to listen to others, communicate better and broadens your horizons.

To learn another language is to learn another vision of life.

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Published On: September 27th, 2022Categories: News, Senior