GCSE 2021 results make Langley proud

Huge congratulations to our GCSE cohort who performed fantastically, with 95% achieving grades 9 to 4. Pupils have adapted to new ways of teaching and learning and are now stronger than ever. We as a whole School community are really proud of them.

Headmaster Jon Perriss comments, “My warm congratulations to the Langley pupils for an impressive set of results. I know that they will be the first to thank their teachers and parents for their amazing support these past years, as getting to this stage is about both individual effort and talent, as well as teamwork. Behind the percentages and the grades are the individual stories of resilience, graft and determination and I am proud of all in the Langley community for the work that they have done and delighted that this has been recognised.”

In English, a staggering 96.8% of pupil grades were 9 to 4 and 89.9% were 9 to 4 in Maths. Furthermore, some incredible individual academic achievements include nine Level 9s for Rhys; seven Level 9s and three Level 8s for Toby; and seven Level 9s and two Level 8s for Talitha. Ella also secured five Level 9s, one Level 8 and three Level 7s; while Georgie achieved two Level 9s and seven Level 8s.

Many pupils, like Norwich City Football Academy player Ken with his nine grades at Level 9-6 including 2 Level 9s, achieved brilliantly while balancing sporting commitments. All the while playing her cricket, May got four Level 9s, three Level 8s, one Level 7 and one Level 6. Alongside her LAMDA lessons, Lily secured two Level 9s, five Level 8s, a Level 7 and a Level 6. Rania achieved nine passes, including three Level 9s while balancing a demanding swimming regime. Cassius got three Level 9s, three Level 8s, one Level 7 and one Level 5 all the while continuing his football commitments. Diogo also secured nine passes at Level 9-7 alongside his swimming regime.

The likes of Richard, Scarlett and Jemima worked impressively hard and saw some fantastic results, as did pupils who had to work remotely for the majority of the last year due to COVID-19, including Hugh, Odinn and Labeeb. To the whole cohort, we send our congratulations and best wishes for the exciting next steps in their School careers.

Published On: August 12th, 2021Categories: News, Senior