Icenian Interview – Georgie

Georgie Michael

In the first Icenian Interview of 2021 we hear from Georgie, who gained A-Levels in Law, Business Studies, and Physical Education during his time at Langley. Georgie is soon to embark on a career as a Broker, but he also reflects on his experiences as a graduate during the COVID crisis, offering advice to those in a similar position.

Did you know what career you wanted to follow when you were at Langley?

I had absolutely no idea what career path I wanted to take! I was always highly interested and involved in sport at Langley, this was a path I thought about taking for a while, however, I wasn’t sure in what capacity. Selecting my choice of A-Levels was a tricky one as I thought, having completed them, they would impact what I would do later. But I was very open minded in terms of the career I wanted to pursue, and therefore chose a diverse range of studies at A-Levels.

Which extra-curricular activities were you involved in?

I was fortunate enough to secure a Sports scholarship when I first joined Langley way back in Year 9. I always loved playing sport at Langley, and was involved in the football, hockey and cricket 1st XI. Tuesday afternoons were my favourite time of the week, being Games day. One particular highlight was the football trip to LA in 2013 conducted by Mr Clark, which was an amazing experience and one I will never forget.

My time at Langley was amazing. I had the greatest friends, with many still being some of my best mates today. School days really are the best of your life.

Do you think involvement in these extra activities have been useful within your career and given you transferable skills?

Yes, massively. Being involved in a number of different team sports developed my leadership and team skills hugely. No matter what industry or job you decide to go into, I feel that the skills you learn and adopt participating in extra activities outside of your studies are extremely beneficial for you later on in life.

What did you do at university?

I studied Law at Canterbury Christ Church University graduating with a 2:1. While applying, I had no idea what I wanted to study and sometimes wasn’t even sure if I wanted to go to University. I must give a special mention to Mr Read, who gave me some valuable guidance while I was deciding what I wanted to do. I never thought I was academic enough or had the capabilities to endure a Law degree but Mr Read gave me the confidence to put those doubts aside. I went for it and have absolutely zero regrets with my decision.

How did your career begin?

I am still in the very early days of my career and finding my feet. I knew I wanted to work in London after finishing University but wasn’t sure in what field. I had to decide if I wanted to go on and pursue Law further or choose a different path. After taking some time to think and research things, I decided against going down the route of further studies within the Law profession as I didn’t feel it was for me. I undertook a Graduate Scheme at an Executive Search firm based in London, however, I was only there for eight months or so as, again, the industry and company wasn’t for me. The ongoing troubles of the COVID pandemic has been a tough time for everyone, but especially for young graduates trying to kick start their career. Being at home has allowed me to have a lot of time to think about what I want to do, and I am happy to say I have managed to secure a new position as a Trainee Broker at an Insurance firm based in the City of London starting next month. Some advice I would give to current students is don’t rush into anything that you are unsure of doing, it has got to be right step for you and no one else.

On reflection, did your time at Langley School help inform your career choices?

While at school, I would be lying if I said I truly thought about career choices. But, after speaking to a number of different people and taking time to assess what I should do, I realised the real world wasn’t far away and that I needed to work hard to get the results I wanted. I was never academically gifted, so I knew I had to be extremely conscientious for the grades. The subjects I chose have definitely helped my long-term goals.

What advice would you give to students considering A-Levels and career choices?

My advice would be choosing subjects you enjoy and are actually interested in. There is nothing worse than pursuing or doing something you hate; A-Levels are hard enough as it is. If you are struggling, there is always someone to ask for help and advice so don’t be afraid to reach out. Getting the support you need can be crucial in terms of making the most important decisions during your studies.

Shout-outs and final thoughts

On the whole, my time at Langley was amazing. I had the greatest friends, with many still being some of my best mates today. School days really are the best of your life, so you have to make the most of them. The only regret I have is not taking more time to decide what to do straight after University. Do not rush into anything you yourself are unsure of doing. What you do has got to be right for yourself.

Mr Clark and Mr Read particularly stand out for me during my time at Langley. They were both exceptional teachers getting me through my A-Levels in Business Studies and Law. Mr Clark was not only brilliant in the classroom but was also a great coach while playing football. I also want to send my condolences to all of Mr Greenhall’s family and friends after the devastating news of his passing. He was a great character and a fantastic teacher.

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