Icenian Interview: Jacob Buckland

What year did you begin and leave Langley? 

2007 /2013

If applicable, which A-Levels did you gain?

Economics, Business & Philosophy and Ethics

During your time at Langley, did you know what career you wanted to pursue?

I always knew I wanted to work in small exciting environments but it wasn’t until university that I gained my passion for technology.

Which extra-curricular activities were you involved in and have they been useful, for example helping with transferable skills?

Sports, leading the 1st XI cricket team has helped me with man management, alongside that taking part in different music activities was valuable to integrate with those that had different friend groups to myself.

Have these activities helped you since school, for example via transferable skills?

Absolutely leading team members that didn’t always want to play on a Saturday or lacked motivation but were talented has been very valuable in my career, I’d argue that a lot of my emotional intelligence was developed at school, which is now one of my greatest strengths.

If you went, what did you study at university?

Initially, I Business and Economics but I moved over to Enterprise & Entrepreneurial Management.

If you’re working, how did your career begin?

I started my career working in a mobile payments start-up before Apple pay! I got this job by looking for interesting companies. There wasn’t a job available. I just contacted them on LinkedIn, worked for free for a few weeks, and then was offered a PT role whilst at uni.

So far, what have been your post-school highlights (in your career, onward studies, family, travel, etc.)?

Becoming a director at a google backed company which is valued at £100’s of millions at 27 has been a big achievement for me. I travel the world to NYC and Singapore for great work (sometimes). I am the first person in my family to attend university as a non-mature student which I know has been very important for them and myself.

On reflection, did your time at Langley help your attitude toward career choices and progression?

At the time Langley didn’t push the idea of technology perhaps as much as it should’ve done, it was, however, a very emerging industry at the time in comparison to where it is today, we were given routes into more traditional careers, the biggest thing that I found valuable was looking at my friend’s parents who were doing interesting jobs that I had never heard of before.

What advice you would give to students considering Langley, their A-Levels, or careers?

My advice to those looking at their A-levels, spread yourself across subject matter, for example, don’t be afraid to take philosophy and physics, it may not seem like it makes sense right now but it’s important to be a rounded person as much as it’s important to have subject matter knowledge.

For those looking into their career, I’d suggest a few things

  • Don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone, pushing yourself is the only way to move quickly
  • It’s ok to take a break at the end of A-levels a year may seem like a long time right now, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not, enjoy yourself.
  • Nobody cares what you’re doing, so don’t let the thoughts of others affect the way you feel about your career choices

If you’re great at what you do, the money will follow. Financial reward is rarely given to mediocrity.

Your fondest memory of Langley?

I’m still reminded of my fondest memories most days in that I still have the same friend group, after all the years, different cities, jobs, and countries we’re still as close as ever and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

Any final thoughts, shout-outs, or people you would like to see complete this form in the near future (we will try and track them down!)?

Imi Ridley has a very cool job, Angus Duthie is someone that has navigated different careers, and Ed Lock – who is now one of the best graphic designers in the country (someone that would admit he struggled with his dyslexia at school).

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