Headmaster for the Day – Jack

Year 8 Jack B made a great impression on our pupils when, as Headmaster for the day, Jack addressed all those gathered in the Sports Hall for the morning assembly! Ably assisted by Mr Wood, Jack confidently lead the proceedings, handing out commendations and awards to a number of deserving pupils.

Throughout the day, Jack had a very useful discussion with catering staff about the menu options, which will result in a slight switch of options on one of the days. He spent time with Mrs Potts, prioritising emails and also enjoyed his learning walks, watching the children at work. He also spent time meeting the Deputy Heads, Miss Menegaz and Mr Wood and, following in Mr Crossley’s sizeable footsteps, Jack even managed to squeeze in a visit to Pre-Prep to read with the children in Reception, as well as contributing to the lunchtime Senior Management meeting.

Jack’s day rounded off well with him teaching 8Pro English, and Mr Crossley now knows how it feels to sit as a pupil in one of his own classes – lessons to be had all round! Thank you to Jack for taking up the reins so well, all as part of our centenary celebrations.

Published On: January 20th, 2022Categories: News, Prep