Cambridge student on Langley Scholarships


Jess, pictured right

Scholar Jess Stone was at Langley from Year 7 to Upper Sixth, having come through the Prep. She played hockey and netball for the School, performed in plays and musicals, public speaking and debating competitions, and Model United Nations. Following her A Level studies of English Literature, History, French and Spanish, Jess was offered a place to read Linguistics at Pembroke College, Cambridge, where she is now. Here we chat to Jess about being a Scholar at Langley.

What did getting a Scholarship at Langley mean to you?
Everything! I can’t even begin to describe how much all the successes and incredible experiences that I’ve had can be credited to the fact that I got a Scholarship, first at Langley Prep and then at the Senior School. My Scholarship opened up my world to so many amazing opportunities that I would not otherwise have had – it allowed me to receive an outstanding education from some of the most passionate teachers, and it meant I could enjoy the Langley experience – making memories that will stay with me for life.

“The strong sense of community that I experienced is something truly unique to Langley”

What did you love most about Sixth Form at Langley?
It’s practically impossible to narrow it down to one thing, however I would highlight how rewarding the dedication of the teachers was, not only to ensure that I received an education of the highest quality but also to take in interest in all areas of Sixth Form life and engage with the community. Particularly due to the small class sizes, I felt that I had the opportunity to really get to know all my teachers, which took off a lot of pressure in terms of work since they were all so supportive, both academically and pastorally. On top of this, although it sounds cliché, I genuinely believe the strong sense of community that I experienced is something truly unique to Langley. Walking into the Alston Centre every morning, seeing all the familiar friendly faces, going over to Indie the wellbeing dog for a hug, giving the teachers a cheerful smile – Langley Sixth Form felt like home to me.

What advice would you give to those considering applying for a Langley Scholarship?
The main advice would be to JUST DO IT – you have nothing to lose and so much to gain! It’s natural to be uncertain about applying for a scholarship, especially if you feel like you might not be good enough but please don’t let that stop you. Scholarships at Langley cater to so many different talents, not only academic but also sporting, musical, artistic… so there’s something for everyone.

How did your time at Langley prepare you for your university experience?
Throughout my time at Langley I learnt many lessons, both in and outside the classroom, that I have found to be invaluable as I navigate my way through my first year at Cambridge. The Langley motto ‘perseverando’ is a phrase that resonates very strongly with me at the moment, particularly in times when things aren’t as easy as I would like. My experiences, teachers, and peers at Langley instilled in me the importance of perseverance – never giving up even when things are difficult. University is meant to be a challenge, it’s the first time away from home for many people, and it is a time when many face difficulties in their personal lives as well as in their studies. However, Langley taught me that with perseverance, patience, and a smile on my face, anything is possible.

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