Langley Prep School 100 years celebrations

2021 signifies one of the biggest milestones for both Langley Prep School and the British Heart Foundation. The school is entering its centenary year and the BHF will be marking their 60th birthday. What better time to join forces!

Prep School Headmaster, Mike Crossley:

“As you would anticipate, huge strides have been made over the years to enhance the pupils’ education. Importantly, the focus has always been firmly placed on the individual and their health and wellbeing and this remains so today. The BHF have a very similar message. The School continues to invest in the provision for the pupils and a major refurbishment of the hall and classrooms was completed recently. Further investment in other areas is planned. Having regularly raised funds for the BHF, and worked together on a number of fronts, it felt very fitting to join forces at such a special time.”

To mark this special occasion, an exciting ‘calendar of fundraising events’ has been created, including a centenary ball in the autumn. Pupils, staff, family and friends as well as alumni are warmly invited to take part in these events; details of which will be shared with the community in the coming weeks.

A dedicated Just Giving page has been created where regular updates of the monthly fundraising events taking place from March to December will be shared. You can visit this page via the following link: where you can read more (and make a donation).

The link to our first event, a Cake sale, can be found below and this will take place on Monday 22nd of March – details in preparation of this event will be shared with the pupils shortly:

Every pound received through this partnership is money that will be used by:

the BHF to support the scientists who are working to discover new ways to treat, prevent and cure heart and circulatory conditions,

the school for their special 100th year celebrations school fund to support bursary provision and further improvement of facilities throughout the school. The refurbishment of the Prep School’s swimming pool has been selected as the 100 years celebrations’ project.

All proceeds raised via the Just Giving site will be shared equally between both.

We warmly invite the school community, alumni and all other supporters to come together and join in with the celebratory fundraising activities in support of the BHF and the school at this very special time.

If you or your child would like to run your own fundraising event in addition to the planned calendar of events, you are very welcome to. Perhaps you could fundraise with a target of £100 to represent 100 Years of Education at Taverham Hall? Or maybe you could consider raising £60 to represent 60 years of research by the BHF?

If you work at an organisation or have a group of friends with whom you think you could help raise £100 or £60 then simply visit the Just Giving page, click on the ‘Start Fundraising’ button and you’ll be able to set up your own event to help support our campaign.

Alternatively, you may like to make a donation directly on the school’s Just Giving Campaign Page by pressing the ‘Donate’ button.

On behalf of the BHF and the School, THANK YOU for your support.


Published On: March 12th, 2021Categories: News, Pre-Prep, Prep