Langley uniform arrives in Mauritania, Africa

Following the introduction of our new day school uniform, Langley School partnered with a wonderful organisation called ‘Football Kits for Africa’ who shipped out our old uniform to schools in Mauritania. We are excited to announce that the international shipment has finally arrived and has been distributed to children in need.

The Education Officer at The Catholic Education Secretariat said: 

“The Catholic Education Secretariat (CES) is an office of the Catholic Diocese of Banjul that is entrusted to run the affairs of education for all the schools owned by the Roman Catholic Mission in The Gambia. We manage about 50 Nursery, 20 Lower Basic (Primary), 4 Upper Basic (Junior Secondary) 9 Basic Cycle (Primary & Secondary combined) and 10 Senior Secondary Schools. Most of our schools are established in very remote villages where the parents find it very difficult to take care of the basic needs of the family and educational costs. 

One of the vital materials that the parents cannot afford is the school uniform which is about £10, but very expensive for an average earner of £100 monthly. Also, stationery for the teachers and students is difficult to acquire in our rural schools which makes teaching and learning a daunting challenge.”

Thank you to everyone who donated.

Langley donated School uniform arrives in Mauritania

Published On: April 25th, 2022Categories: News, Whole School