Destinations for life after Langley 1024x The bespoke careers offering at our Sixth Form incorporates a range of subjects and study routes, all to support our students in choosing courses and careers in which they are invested and interested. We take a holistic approach, ensuring that the process of careers lessons (PDE and Tutor time) and careers guidance is started as early as possible.

Our 2024 cohort has applied for the most diverse range of professions and courses, and it is truly rewarding to see them pursuing their individual passions, which is exactly what Langley is all about. We also had the most apprenticeships, and alternative options, in comparison to previous cohorts.

Of the 41 students who applied for university courses, we have 31 distinct subject areas. Take a look and we bet that you, like us, feel inspired!

  1. Aeronautical Engineering
  2. Agriculture
  3. Business Management
  4. Commercial Photography
  5. Computer Science- Cyber security
  6. Counselling
  7. Criminology
  8. Early Childhood Studies
  9. Economics
  10. Film and Creative Writing
  11. Geography
  12. International Business
  13. Law
  14. Maths
  15. Media and Digital Communications
  16. Medieval Languages- Cambridge
  17. Mental Health Nursing
  18. Model Making- Design and Craft
  19. Musical Theatre
  20. Pharmacy
  21. Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  22. Policing
  23. Politics and International Relations
  24. Psychology
  25. Social Work
  26. Special Effects and Prosthetics
  27. Sports and Exercise Science
  28. Sports Coaching
  29. Sports Management
  30. Sports Marketing
  31. Zoology
Published On: February 6th, 2024Categories: News, Sixth Form