Icenian Interview – Millie

Millie joined Langley in 2010, leaving seven years later with A-Levels in Philosophy & Ethics, Textiles, and English Literature. She pursued Duke of Edinburgh, was involved in HMC and Prefecting during her school years, and here we find out what she did next.

Millie WykesMillie says, “I always knew I wanted to work within the fashion industry, initially within design but while at Langley I decided I wanted to pursue a more business-focused job within the industry.

“HMC helped with my confidence and it gave me my first role in organising people and generating ideas, which are both essential to working within the fashion industry.”

Prior to her current role of Fashion Buying and Brand Management, Millie tells us how her career started: “I attended a career day at Langley, which is where I was able to discover the path of Buying as a role in the fashion industry. This led me to choose my degree. Langley also allowed me to continue studying Textiles at A-Level, despite being the only student, by arranging for the Textiles teacher to come in just for me while she was on maternity leave. This allowed me to continue my interest in fashion. Without this A-Level I wouldn’t have been able to study at university. Langley also taught me a good work ethic, which is something you need no matter what you do.

“During a career pack unit, I voiced my desire to get an internship to gain experience within the industry and it happened that an alumni was looking for interns and I was recommended by a tutor so I got in touch with Odd Muse and was offered a Design Internship.”

When asked what has been her highlight so far since school, Millie said, “Getting the internship has definitely been a highlight! I have also been very lucky to travel and do a ski season since leaving Langley.”

Her advice to others would be, “Make sure you voice your wishes because Langley will always try to accommodate you and make your experience personal and beneficial, for every individual. Make the most of your time at Langley and embrace every opportunity because you will miss it when you’re no longer there!”

When it comes to fondest memories, Millie said it’s the friendships she made and still has, “However, it’s the little things I miss the most like Monday morning gossip, Mr Wood’s sense of humour and simply driving up the driveway each morning.

“Langley was one of the best decisions I made.”

Published On: May 20th, 2021Categories: Icenians, News