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Nursery Transport and Movement topic

This week in Bluebell Nursery we have been very busy settling into our routine again. We would like to welcome our new staff members: Kim, Emma, Linda and Lauren. We have also had some new joiners so a big welcome to Finbar, Elara, George and Frankie. We have also had great news that our Seedlings baby room will be opening officially on 31st of January.

In Acorn and Oaks Classes we have started our new topic of Transport and Movement, looking at different ways in which we can move, and listening to sounds to identify types of transport.

We have been practising our balancing and jumping in our Outdoor Learning Centre, using the tree trunks as a balancing beam. We took some vehicles with us, studying the different marks they make in the mud.

We also made our own traffic lights and talked about the different colours and the meaning of each:

Wilfred said, “Red means stop, if you go you can get into trouble.” James said, ” Yellow is getting ready to go,” and Imogen said, “Green is go go go.”

Published On: January 13th, 2022Categories: News, Nursery

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