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Nursery explore music and movement

This week in Bluebell Nursery we have enjoyed the Sports Hall and music time. In the Sports Hall we enjoyed playing popcorn with the parachute, making all the balls fly off the parachute. We also sat under the parachute taking turns to lift the parachute up and down over our friend’s underneath. James told Daddy “I liked playing with the rockets in the sports hall” and Jeremy said “I am a frog jumping on my lily pads.”

At music time we have enjoyed exploring the musical instruments and singing our favourite action songs. Rosalind asked “can we sing row row your boat” and Xander said “clap clap clap.” Kym played the ‘what is in my basket game’ getting the children to listen to the musical instrument she was playing in the basket and asking the children to match the instrument to the ones on the carpet.

The children also have enjoyed learning our days of the week song where Freddy asked for “days of the week please”.

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Published On: October 7th, 2021Categories: News, Nursery

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