From the new Heads of School

Cesaire and Lucy FI 1We are honoured to be the new Heads of School. We both feel nervous because there is a lot to learn but we are very excited to accept the challenge to better the School and ourselves. Previous Heads of School, Joe and Tegan set an amazingly high standard and we look forward to coming into our ourselves and setting our own.

Cesaire says, ‘I’ve come from a complicated background, but have been privileged to have met a lot of inspirational people who have guided and helped me to be in this position. They saw the potential in me before I saw it myself and I’m grateful to them for encouraging me to apply to be Head of School. I hope to do the same for the people in School as those individuals did for me.’

Lucy says, ‘I joined Langley in Year 7 as a quiet, shy version of myself with no idea of who I wanted to be. Growing up at Langley has taught me great values and pushed me out of my comfort zone, shaping me into who I am today. As Head of School I hope I can encourage people to become the best version of themselves as Langley helped me to do.’

Published On: July 8th, 2021Categories: News, Sixth Form