Inspiring guest speaker in Science

Langley Senior School pupils got to meet special guest speaker Dr Noelia Falcon, a Senior Research Associate at the UEA’s School of Pharmacy, to hear about the fascinating field of science.

Dr Noelia, who has a degree in Marine Science and a masters in Biomedicine, spoke to A-level Biologists and some of the School’s academic scholars about topics ranging from inclusivity in science, to 3D printing, to the power of science communications.

During her visit to Langley, Dr Noelia talked about her time as a PHD researcher and the focus of her thesis, which was all about creating artificial tendons using a 3D printer. She also went through the wide array of career options in science, emphasising that the academic path – like her own – is not the only route. Working in Dr Aram Saeed’s group at the UEA’s School of Pharmacy, Dr Noelia continues to work on tendon tissue engineering today, with the aim of helping people to recover quickly and fully from injury, including the likes of footballers.

Dr Noelia talked a lot about passion and commitment to science, which she has herself in abundance. The pupils were captivated by the content of Dr Noelia’s talk, and we are are so grateful that she came to speak to them.

Published On: October 4th, 2021Categories: News, Senior, Sixth Form