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Fireworks and fun in Nursery

The topic this term in Nursery is fireworks, celebrations and imaginative play. To start off the week, the children chose to have a shop as their roleplay, looking at different types of food, relating the cost of items to Numicon, and matching the numbers in print.

They have enjoyed the puppet theatre, creating their own shows for friends. They also finished their own fire engine that was started in holiday club. Rudy said, “A fire engine can help put the fire out at fireworks.”

In Nursery they have been talking quite a bit about fireworks, including the different colours and different sounds they make. Rosalind said, “Fireworks are very loud. You can hold a sparkler but only with an adult,” and Phoebe said, “Fireworks make a lot of colours in the sky.”

Published On: November 4th, 2021Categories: News, Nursery

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