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Our kind little stars – 1st March 2021

We began the week with our congratulatory assembly awarding stars of the week and kindness certificates.

Early Years
Star of the Week: Zayne B for being a fantastic Peter Participator joining in with circle time.
Kindness: Edward T for helping to tidy up for lunch.
Star of the Week: Ralph S for being just like Independent Ivy having a go at writing his name.
Kindness: Evelyn S for being so kind and encouraging with the younger children

Star of the Week: Sophie B for being like Independent Ivy and doing some super writing
Kindness: Katie ZN for being so kind and helpful to her friends

Sweet Chestnut
Star of the Week: Ada W for being an amazing Resilient Roger and making excellent progress with her reading.
Kindness: Esmie S for being so kind and helpful to all of her friends in school.

Star of the Week: Ty T for being like Creative Connie and Mac and Mabel whilst he and his partner were acting out their story of the Three Little Pigs.
Kindness: Krishan C for being kind and helping Mrs Wood with his outdoor

Star of the Week: Stanley H for being Independent Ivy and Peter Participator with his reading
Kindness: Wilfred L for making kind and sensible choices.

Star of the Week: Scarlett B for great resilience, just like Roger, when working with 3D shapes and their properties.
Kindness: Phoebe C-H for being so kind and helpful to her friends in lessons

Star of the week: Nayana M or continued resilience and independence with her work.
Star of the Week: Shin-ji J for continued resilience and independence with his work.
Kindness: Harriet C for always being polite, kind and helpful

Published On: March 5th, 2021Categories: News, Pre-Prep

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