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Our kind little stars 19 March 2021

We began the week with our congratulatory assembly awarding stars of the week and kindness certificates.
Early Years
Star of the Week: Tom M for being Independent Ivy and Resilient Roger, coming to school for an extra day and coping very well.
Kindness: Abel W for always being kind and forming some lovely friendships

Star of the Week: Marvin J for being Resilient Roger and returning to school from Thailand with a big smile ready to learn.
Kindness: Mollie D for being so kind and helping her friends with some tricky cutting out.


Star of the Week: Rohan M for being like Independent Ivy with his sentence writing.
Kindness: Jenson G for being kind and helpful in class
Kindness: George M for being kind and helpful in class

Sweet Chestnut
Star of the Week: Esmie S for being an Independent Ivy when writing sentences about farm animals.
Kindness: Hattie M for being a very kind friend to her peers

Star of the Week: Max C for working collaboratively like Mac and Mabel and also being like Creative Connie in his English lessons.
Kindness: Frances T for being kind and thoughtful to everyone.

Star of the Week: Orson W for demonstrating excellent independence and collaboration explaining methods to his friends in Maths.
Kindness: Lexy T for being kind and thoughtful to her friends and teachers

Star of the Week: Emily L for fantastic participation in Maths and great independent work
Kindness: Amara F for being such a kind friend and helping to tidy up

Star of the week: Mila T for working with independence and resilience in Maths
Kindness: Shinji J for kindly bringing back some lovely gifts for his class from Thailand

Published On: March 19th, 2021Categories: News, Pre-Prep

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