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Our Kind Little Stars 25 January

We began the week with our congratulatory assembly awarding stars of the week and kindness certificates.

Early Years
Star of the Week: Robyn G For being Independent Ivy, being brave to leave mummy to come into school.
Kindness: George D for wonderful manners and always using his pleases and thank yous as well as being kind.

Star of the Week: Olivia M for being a wonderful Peter Participator and interacting beautifully with the other children during our numeracy session.
Kindness: Rosie C for being so kind and patient with others and sharing so beautifully during play time

Star of the Week:Sophie B for working so hard on her reading just like Resilient Roger.
Kindness: Oliver T for always being so kind and helpful to everyone.

Sweet Chestnut
Star of the Week: Esmie S for being an amazing Peter Participator and Creative Connie during remote learning.
Kindness: Sophia O for sharing with others and helping to tidy up after Art activities
Kindness: Roman N and his Mummy for being so kind and thoughtful sending a lovely message to all of the teachers as a surprise in school.

Star of the Week: William S for working like Peter Participator with his remote learning and working so enthusiastically.
Kindness: Isabelle D-R or being kind and patient and making her teachers smile during her online lessons.

Star of the Week:Jack W for working just like Independent Ivy in Maths and English.
Kindness: Orson W for being kind and caring at home and also working hard in book club.

Star of the Week:Phoebe C-H for being like Resilient Roger with her learning both at school and at home.
Kindness: Daniel C for being so kind setting up a donation to guide dogs for the blind with his own pocket money.

Kindness: Shinji J for always being polite and helpful in remote lessons and saying please and thank you.

Published On: January 29th, 2021Categories: News, Pre-Prep

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