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Growth Mindset Heroes inspire pupils

Inspired by our six ‘Growth Mindset Heroes,’ the children of Pre-Prep are super learners themselves.

In every classroom in Pre-Prep, you will see Resilient Roger, who keeps going when things are tough, Creative Connie solving problems, Independent Ivy managing resources, Peter Participator engaged in lessons and the Collaborative Twins, Mac and Mabel, showing that teamwork really is the dreamwork!

Throughout their learning, children look for opportunities to show each of these characteristics, and they are often awarded for displaying these skills in our ‘Star of the Week’ assembly. The children are all very good at encouraging each other to be more like our heroes!

This week, we have been paying particular focus to Independent Ivy. Mrs Sayer’s assembly was all about the skills needed to be independent in our daily lives as well as in our learning. The children thought of excellent ideas for how they could become more independent, both at school and at home. Have you seen any extra independence from your child this week?

Throughout the coming weeks, we will be focusing on the remaining characters through activities and songs. You could even ask your child to teach you some of the words!

Published On: November 25th, 2021Categories: News, Pre-Prep

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