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Hobbies are a hit in Pre-Prep this week

Hobbies are a great way for pupils to experience new activities and learn new skills. Here are some quotes from the pupils about the hobbies they enjoyed this week:

“I liked doing flower arranging because I love the smell of the flowers” – Isla

“This is my first time doing the football hobby and I am excited to be in goal” – Francesca

“I am looking forward to drawing dinosaurs in Art Club” – Roman

“I enjoyed hitting the ball against the wall – the wall is the best tennis player in the world!” – Justice

“My favourite is building a unicorn castle” – Sophia

“I am really excited about yoga because this is my first time doing it and I like doing clubs I haven’t done before” – Mollie

Published On: April 30th, 2021Categories: News, Pre-Prep

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