Pre-Prep Pupils Flourish in Outdoor Learning Sessions

The improving weather in the Trinity Term has given the children more opportunities to take learning outside.

A current outdoor project headed by Mrs Lynn Reeson is the rejuvenation of part of the playground. A new seating area, including a giant’s chair, has been created, allowing us to read stories in the sunshine as a class or for the children to use their imagination to put on performances during playtime. Alongside this, each year group has been given a raised flower bed to fill. The children have learnt how to plant, and they are showing an excellent level of responsibility when they check the plants have enough water each day!

Each week, children throughout Pre-Prep explore the wooded areas of the school as part of their Outdoor Learning sessions. With various spaces and resources to use, the children test their bravery and practical and social skills. The children affirm their knowledge of the world around them and the importance of caring for nature.

Our outdoor spaces can also be used for other curriculum aspects. From Mathematics to French, the children relish the opportunity to take their learning away from the classroom. It is well-documented that fresh air and physical movement helps to form the connections necessary for both memory and understanding.

We are very fortunate to work and learn in such a fantastic and beautiful environment!

Published On: May 5th, 2022Categories: News, Pre-Prep