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Science Week in our Pre-Prep

To celebrate Science week, our Year 2s have continued their project on Materials and their properties. This week focussing on translucent, transparent and opaque. Activities have been undertaken to investigate areas and items in the classroom in terms of the above.
We have also revised work on electricity by making working electrical circuits and investigating the number of batteries needed to generate more power.
Pupils have been understanding the various processes of how materials are formed; either man-made or natural. We have recorded in detail the sequencing of sheep to wool and cow to dairy products. A fun week had by all!

As part of Science week and their Topic ‘Animals’, the children in both Reception classes learnt how to milk a cow and experimented with ice cubes and lard in order to understand how the arctic animals have a layer of fat to keep them warm.

Published On: March 12th, 2021Categories: News, Pre-Prep

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