Costumes galore on World Book Day

World Book day is always a favourite day of the year for our pupils and staff and this year it was lovely to see so many of us joining in to celebrate and enjoy the day.

The Early Years went on bear hunt with their sensory trays collecting nature items as they hunted . They also had tea with tiger who came to tea, built houses for the three littke pigs and had fun sticking colourful patches onto Elma the elephant. A busy time for all!

Reception enjoyed sharing their favourite books and talking to their friends about their character. This afternoon they have been drawing some fabulous pictures of themselves as their favourite character and then writing about them.

Year 1 have enjoyed the opportunity to dress up as some of our favourite book characters. We were amazed at the creativity and ingenuity shown by the fabulous costumes. To celebrate the day, we became bookworms at any opportunity; delving into stories to be transported to a different time and place. The children applied their writing skills to produce descriptions of their character. Then we drew pictures of our characters, before creating their home from building materials.

Year 2 have completed a scavenger hunt to find words and pictures form books at home. Drawn pictures of our book, shared our favourite stories and poem. Drawn illustrations in the style of Quentin Blake What a lovely day!

Our pupils have continued to wow us with the resilience and determination when it comes to remote learning. See below some examples of what our Pre-Prep pupils have been up to these past few weeks:

Our Reception and Year 2 pupils Rohan and Nayana building fairy tale book houses!
Year 1 pupil Phoebe S from the Sycamore class joining in with our singing assembly on Mondays
Year 1 pupil Roman N from the Sycamore class has been having a wonderful time at home and on the beach away from a computer screen!
Year 1 pupil Max C has been incredibly busy, celebrating his birthday, sharing his fabulous dress up for fairy tale day and excellent writing.
Jayden R from Year 1, Sycamore class enjoyed showing us his fabulous outdoor play area and acting out his three little pigs story.
Isla B from Year 2, Cedar class shared with us the first signs of Spring that she has found and has been keeping active on the bike and skates.
Year 2, Francesca W from the Cedar class also enjoying our singing assembly on Mondays having a wonderful time!
Year 2, Benjamin dressed up for Fairy Tale Day as the Big Bad wolf and then having a break after a long cycle ride.

Published On: March 5th, 2021Categories: News, Pre-Prep