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Art – from insects to observational drawing

IMG 0102The Prep School art department is as busy as ever this term. Supporting the PTFA’s Christmas card fundraising activity, a festive twist has been given to the main topics so pupils can create designs for professional production. The art work will be taken home soon so families can get ordering.

Meanwhile, Year 5 pupils have been exploring how and why insects are used in Art and they took turns to introduce and talk about the art installations created by Jennifer Angus, who uses thousands of real insects pinned to the wall in an intriguing array of patterns. Role play saw the pupils imaginatively entering the gallery space and reacting to the work!

IMG 0160Year 4 have been looking at approaches to observational drawing of natural forms, making decisions about what works best for them, they have been sketching from the real objects or photos, following a stage by stage video clip or watching Mr Edwards’ example being created on the visualiser.

Published On: September 23rd, 2021Categories: News, Prep

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