Prep School Sports Day success

Well done to all our Prep pupils who took part in Sports Day this term. Years 5 to 8 were first to compete in their event last week, with an afternoon of high jump, long jump, running, relays, discus and javelin, with Years 3 and 4 following at their own event earlier this week.

Although it was disappointing for everyone that parents couldn’t watch because of the restrictions, pupils put in a great amount of effort and performed really well. We’re delighted to celebrate the winners here:

Year 3
Girls Gold: Mollie H (Wrens) Silver: Scarlett M (Wrens) Bronze: Lucy M (Hawks)
Boys Gold: Jude L (Crows) Silver: Freddie S (Owls) Bronze: Henry S (Owls)

Year 4
Girls Gold: Isobel S (Owls) Silver: Miracle N (Wrens) Bronze: Emily D (Wrens)
Boys Gold: Arthur L (Wrens) Silver: Henry O (Wrens) Bronze: Matthias S (Owls)

Year 5
Girls Gold: Ella A (Hawks) Silver: Venna M (Owls) Bronze: Bella B (Crows)
Boys Gold: Finley W (Owls), Ethan B (Hawks), Jacob C (Hawks) Silver: Thomas H (Wrens) Bronze: Raffy P (Owls)

Year 6
Girls Gold: Evie B S (Wrens) Silver: Theresa B (Crows), Sophie M (Hawks) Bronze: Angelica H (Crows)
Boys Gold: Austin B (Owls) Silver: Will T (Hawks), Henry D (Wrens) Bronze: Reuben B (Crows)

Year 7
Girls Gold: Beau K (Crows) Silver: Freya S (Hawks) Bronze: Susannah H (Crows)
Boys Gold: Ben T (Hawks) Silver: Oliver B (Crows) Bronze: James A (Wrens)

Year 8
Girls Gold: Zinhle N (Hawks) Silver: Issy M (Wrens) Bronze: Grace H-K (Wrens)
Boys Gold: Lennon T (Wrens) Silver: Oscar M (Owls) Bronze: Tom C (Owls)

Published On: July 1st, 2021Categories: News, Prep