Prep School curricular

Langley Prep School delivers a rich, vibrant and broad curriculum that provides a thorough academic grounding delivered by subject specialists, alongside many opportunities for pupils to develop positive habits of mind and a joy of learning. While timetables are set around core subjects – Maths, English, Science, French – the Prep School curriculum embraces disciplines such as History, Geography, RPE (Religion, Philosophy, Ethics), Creative Design, Computing and Robotics, Music, Drama, PE and Spanish (from Year 7).

Pupils love the freedom to explore the 70 acres of our beautiful wooded parkland, and a holistic approach to education is enhanced through our Growth Mindset ethos and fully integrated Outdoor Learning lessons.

Our Pre-Senior Baccalaureate (PSB) programme, which combines rigorous academic standards and opportunities to develop resilience, communication, collaboration, independence, leadership and creative thinking, prepares children for Senior School and beyond. The PSB is further enhanced by The Wensum Award, in which the holistic and bespoke approach encourages character education through the development of life skills, wellbeing best practice and cultural capital.

Children in Year 3 and 4 are taught by their Class Teacher for the vast majority of lessons, with clear emphasis on the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills. Year groups are set from Year 5 so that every child can approach Senior School or Scholarship assessments at their own pace, and is provided with opportunities to undertake extension work. In addition, there is an annual variety of local, national and overseas trips, as well as national and regional competitions to complement pupils’ studies. Pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8 benefit from formal examination practice and a Study Skills programme to help with revision and examination techniques, memorisation techniques, time-management skills and VR/NVR familiarisation ahead of senior school assessments.

All the while, small class sizes allow for that all-important individual attention with a focus on personalised learning, target setting and monitoring of progress. Learning support from our Accelerated Learning Department is offered on an individual or group basis depending on the child’s needs, which are identified through annual standardised testing and teacher assessment. Children with High Learning Potential are stretched daily in lessons and offered opportunities to use higher thinking skills and to participate in a range of masterclasses, clubs and competitions such as the Junior Maths Challenge and Science Olympiads.

Academic Results

The below document details the last 3 years of academic results (pupil attainment) based on GL Assessments (NGST, NGRT, Progress Test in English, Progress Test in Maths, Progress Test in Science):

Academic Results: Pupil Attainment

Leaver Destinations

The below document details the Prep School Year 8 Leavers destinations.

Langley Prep School leaver destinations: Year 8 destinations