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Purple Pen of Progress

Helping pupils become reflective, independent learners is one of our main aims in the Prep School. It doesn’t happen by accident though! By using tools like the Purple Pen of Progress, pupils from Year 3 upwards are able to self-assess, respond to feedback and make improvements to their own work, enabling our brilliant young minds to make further steps to personal development.
Well done to all of the pupils that have embraced this way of learning, the ability to improve work before handing it in will stand them in good stead for thriving and growing as individuals.
As Confucius said ‘Teachers open the door…you enter by yourself’ – Remember – Conanti Dabitur!

Below are some fantastic examples of work using the Purple Pen of Progress from the following pupils: Willow H (Year 3), Georgia H (Year 4), Henry P (Year 6), Olivia G (Year 7), Lana K (Year 8)

Published On: February 5th, 2021Categories: Prep, News

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