Springing back to nature in Forest School

Our junior years, with Mr Edwards, have instantly re-embraced Forest School after a long break. The themes explored and experienced have been based upon Spring and the five senses; TOUCH, SIGHT, TASTE, SMELL, and SOUND. All were welcomed back with a reading from The Wind in the Willows depicting Mole’s journey up into spring;
‘The sun shone hot on his fur, soft breezes caressed his face, and after living alone for so long in his underground home, the singing of happy birds sounded to him almost like a shout. The joy of living and delight of spring made him jump into the air.’
Natural forms were collected to illustrate the five senses and discussed. Lots of play followed and the session rounded off with a hot chocolate to toast Spring and our much need return to our woodland.

Our Years 3 to 5 group with Mr Forsey have also been enjoying the return to Forest School, as the fresh new buds of Spring are starting to show on many trees around the outdoor classroom area and in the wooden glades, shaded by the sprouting branches.

Never has there been a more welcome sight, after weeks stuck at home, than seeing the fresh green buds in the trees and the thin bright green leaves of the snow drop appearing on the forest floor. The occasional sight of a row deer and muntjac if we are quiet, against the sound of active bird song, will always be an experience that we welcome in Forest School.

Among some quality play time, children have been making beetle buckets; learning about the 5 senses while carefully collecting natural artefacts that both stimulate the senses as well as amaze their collectors. This past week pupils have been designing their own ‘Borrower’ FS areas, using tiny miniature models built from twigs, leaves and bark. Some even had some miniature ponds with real water! Whilst we look forward to life after Easter and to seeing further fresh growth in the forest, we do hope the area is left in peace to mature and to continue to grow, for our return in the summer term.

Published On: March 25th, 2021Categories: News, Prep