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Spring has sprung up for our Early Years

This week the Early Years children have been searching for signs of spring. We have been out and about exploring the grounds for signs, taking our spring hunt clip boards to tick things off.
‘Look, it’s a flower’ (George D).
We have been enjoying the spring weather in the earlier part of the week, collecting natural materials and being Creative Connies by making our very own bird nests in Acorns and blossom trees in Oaks. We have also explored the trim trail and den building, being careful not to step on the new spring flowers!
Continuing our spring theme, we have used the Numicon to help count out the number of daffodils in a pot and to identify the matching Numicon.
The children have been very excited to share their new experiences and Knowledge about the season of spring during literacy.

Published On: March 12th, 2021Categories: News, Pre-Prep

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