Our kind little stars 07 May 2021

Kindess awards this week

Acorns – George D for always being kind and polite and showing kindness by holding the door, a gentleman in the making
Oaks – Amelia S for caring and showing kindness to an upset friend when they were feeling sad
Willow – George M for comforting his friend when he had fallen over
Sweet Chestnut – Hattie M for offering to help with tidying up
Sweet Chestnut – Grace M for holding open the door for everyone
Apple – Lilian W for helping out and being enthusiastic with a lovely grin in the mornings
Sycamore – Jayden R for being kind and donating books thank to the school
Cedar – William B for being a kind and helpful friend
Cedar – Mollie A for helping Mrs Skipper this week in Year 2
Cherry – Tiffany J for befriending her peers at playtime and including them in her game

Stars of the Week

Acorns – Ellie DR for being like Independent Ivy settling well into class and joining activities
Oaks – Hugo Richman for recognising all of his Read, Write, Inc sounds just like Resilient Roger
Sweet Chestnut – Verona P for working very hard in Maths like Resilient Roger
Sweet Chestnut – Bodhi L for working with independence in Maths like Independent Ivy
Willow – Sophie B for being like Independent Ivy and doing super sentence writing
Willow – Taaliyah S for being like Resilient Roger in her Maths
Apple – Beatrice MT for growing confidence and independence in reading just like Resilient Roger
Sycamore – Frances T for being like Independent Ivy and Peter Participator in all lessons
Cedar – Eva S for great participation in class and wonderful English work
Cedar – Sefton P for amazing swimming
Cherry – Arthur T for producing extended written work and neat joined handwriting

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