Celebrating our technicians

#Techognition is a national celebration of technical support staff, and here at Langley Senior School we take a look at what our technicians get up to across the various departments.

Jane and Christina, Science technicians at our Senior School have prepared practical lessons this week for plant growth, cress-growing for Year 6, chromatography of inks and onion cells under microscopes for Year 7, conservation of mass in Chemistry for Year 8, electrical circuits in Physics for Year 9 and reactivity of metals in Chemistry for Year 10.

Lower Sixth Biology students have enjoyed measuring the heart rate of water fleas under microscopes! While exams take place next week, the technicians will be carrying out the annual chemical stock take and health & safety checks in compliance with CLEAPSS. The technicians have had a particularly challenging year with additional guidelines to meet in order to carry out practical lessons using individual equipment trays and sanitising safety spectacles.

Our Food Prep & Nutrition department technicians continue to set up classes that challenge pupils and help improve their all-important cooking skills, while teaching them all about nutrition. This week, technician Jenny and technician-teacher Linden got technical with pastry, leading classes through recipes that included some particularly tasty-looking bacon and cheese turnovers made by our Year 9s.

In Design & Technology, technician Dennis has been helping Lower Sixth students with their lamp making project. The work is multi-faceted, as not only have they been using the CNC milling machine, Dennis has also been assisting students as they use the wood turning lathe for the base of the lamps. If you are not familiar with the D&T department here at Langley Senior School, it is well worth a visit because the facilities are of the highest standard and the tools and equipment are immaculately kept. For any Prep pupils with a design interest, Dennis and the team would love to show you around!

Published On: June 11th, 2021Categories: News, Senior