U13 and U14 County Rugby 7s

U13 County Rugby 7s

U13 Rugby 7sNotre Dame 5 – 15 Langley: A difficult first match with the boys learning to use the full width of the pitch as they adjusted to the 7 man format of the game. As the attack slowly improved Langley defence was on point, especially the efficient low tackling.

Aylsham 5 – 25 Langley: Much improvement after the first game as Langley players moved the ball effectively to exploit the space on the pitch. In defence, they limited the opposition’s impressive offloading play, to help force mistakes, which Langley was able to capitalise from.

Play Offs
Norwich 10 – 25 Langley: Defensive pressure was key in a close game. From the turnovers created from Langley’s defensive efforts, some slick handling and well-timed support lines led to some awesome team tries.

Wymondham College 25 – 10 Langley: Unfortunately, the last game was a bridge too far, but this didn’t stop the players from giving it their all. The boys’ effort and commitment was outstanding and a real testament to their culture as a team, supporting each other right up to and beyond the final whistle.

Highlight of the day was the coaching delivered by pupil Oli (Crome, Year 8) who was unable to play due to an injury at the weekend. His input and insight was invaluable to the team.

U14 County Rugby 7s

U14 Rugby 7s iiLangley 55 – 10 Alderman Peel High School: The U14s started the day in a fast and free flowing manner. Superb offloading and support play created some outstanding continuity in attack using the whole pitch. Both teams looked to attack with width in an exciting spectacle for spectators.

Langley 39 – 7 Springwood: Direct and physical ball carrying from Springwood posed a different challenge from the first game but our Langley team was able to adapt. They were patient and resilient in defence before exploiting space to score once they turned the ball over. This defensive pressure was a theme for the rest of the day.

Semi Final
Langley 35 – 14 Norwich:
Despite an early Norwich try and sustained pressure, Langley were able to weather the storm through their commitment and work rate in defence. Oddly for 7s, set piece dominance was the difference in possession and subsequently the scoreboard. From turnovers at the scrum, Langley were able to launch their ambitious attack to great effect.

There was also a rugby values moment from Mr Lockwood for calling back a Langley try for a foot in touch, which would have been the opening score of the match. Values and playing the right way will always be central to what we do at Langley.

Langley 36 – 7 Greshams:
The U14s certainly saved their best performance for last, delivering a tactical masterclass with outstanding work ethic in both attack and defence. Their ruthless defensive pressure again creating turnovers from which they moved the ball into space.

The County 7’s Cup is a great reward for the diligence these young players have shown in their training this term. For a Year group that had a challenging start to the rugby season back before Christmas, their journey to this performance has been special and one they should be proud of. Their character and commitment have show that with perseverance success will come.

Published On: March 10th, 2022Categories: News, Senior