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In September 2020 we launched a brand new school uniform, representing the modern heritage of our school and collegiate community, in which pupils are given freedom of expression with the choice of trousers or kilt.

Langley Green’ now not only describes the school’s two 100 acre campuses but also the uniform. The ‘Langley Green’ uniform is also symbolic of so many things, including the aspiration and opportunity that Langley represents.

Take a look at the following presentation to see the thought that went into the new look.

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Langley has a fully customised suite of dedicated pages at Once you’ve registered and logged in, you will see garments relating only to Langley and the different strands of the school, including whether garments are compulsory or optional. All PE/ Games kit is available to order online at

Sixth Form uniform

Sixth Form students are required to wear a dark coloured suit. The skirt, trousers, dress and jacket must be of the same material with a white or pastel coloured shirt or blouse (no patterns or strong colours). Vests, camisoles, low cut blouses, polo necks, leggings or skinny trousers are not appropriate for school.

Skirts must be knee length. Ties should be smart. Dark plain v-necked or round-necked jumpers can be worn. Classic style, dark full-length or knee-length wool coats or black outdoor jackets are suitable, but not ‘puffer jacket style’. House scarves or plain dark scarves are permitted.

Sixth Form students involved in team games are expected to purchase and wear the prescribed school Games kit. Those students not involved in squads that represent the school will be expected to purchase only the minimum requirement of kit (marked with a # on the uniform PE list) for compulsory games lessons. Non-school items that may be appropriate (e.g. lycra garments) must be plain black.

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