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Wellbeing at Langley

Prioritising wellbeing has earned us the nationally recognised Wellbeing Award for both our Prep and Senior School. We have trained mental health first aiders, plus a programme in place to train all staff. It’s within our school community that everyone is responsible for practising positive wellbeing, and we value input from staff, pupils, students, parents, governors and external partners.


Standout wellbeing provisions

  • Small classes – the most advantageous environment for learning and positive wellbeing
  • Mental health toolkits – facilitating discussions on mood, self-regulation, a healthy mind and body
  • Volunteer listening service – pupils and students can talk to trained professionals
  • Mindfulness walks – across the 100acre grounds at our respective Prep and Senior School sites
  • Our Pre-Prep’s ‘Brave corner’
  • The Prep School’s ‘Time for You room’
  • The Outdoor Learning Centre at our Prep School – being immersed in nature has proven to enhance wellbeing
  • Our ‘Time to Talk’ service at the Senior School
  • Formal Mindfulness course – starting in September 2020 for Year 10 PSHE
  • Silent reflection – catered for during the Senior School chapel service
  • Medical professionals – available all day at both sites
  • Weekly Assembly programme – actively raising issues throughout the school year
  • Resident wellbeing dogs at both sites
  • In-class meditation
Wellbeing Award

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