Personal Development Education (PDE) at Langley is comprised of PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education), Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), Citizenship Education and Careers Education.

At Langley, we view PDE lessons as essential to the wellbeing of our pupils and crucial to a holistic, well-rounded education. For this reason, PDE is taught in compulsory one-hour lessons once per week from Year Six to Upper Sixth. Lessons cover a broad range of topics including: study skills; careers; finance; self-concept; personal values; mental health; identity; diversity; relationships with peers, family, friends and partners; sex education and sexual health; and understanding the law and society. Our aim is to give our pupils a robust and rich learning experience that helps them grow into happy, healthy people.

We invite you to review the information below, as well as the programmes of study for each year group, in order to get a sense of what is taught, and when. Information about the right to withdraw a child from Sex Education is provided within these documents. Our policy is available in the Policies section of the website.

Year 6 PDE programme for parents

Year 7 PDE programme for parents

Year 8 PDE programme for parents

Year 9 PDE programme for parents

Year 10 PDE programme for parents

Year 11 PDE programme for parents

Lower Sixth PDE programme for parents

Upper Sixth PDE programme for parents

Relationships and Sex Education Information for Parents at Langley Senior