Early Years and Pre-Prep Highlights

This week Early years have been getting ready for Christmas!
The children have loved the festive paint, sparkles, glitter and sequins we used to make Christmas cards and calendars, and for decorating our classrooms. We also had visits from a mischievous Elf who hid in a tree while we played and explored our Forest School’s brand new area, Redwood. Last week also included dressing up to sing Christmas Nativity songs on stage, ready to share with family and friends.

Born in a Barn – Reception Nativity 2020

Reception celebrated the magic of Christmas by performing a charming nativity play about the birth of baby Jesus. It was clear that children loved singing and dancing to all the catchy songs. While having a strong message about the meaning of Christmas, the play was fun from start to finish. The nativity included loveable animals such as delightful ducks (Felicity C and Sophie B), cute cows (Grace M and Sam N), a curious cat (Taaliyah S) and a confident cockerel (Esmie s).

Mary and Joseph were played by Hattie M and Rohan M who performed a heartfelt song about their journey to Bethlehem. A lovable donkey (Paolo M-B) told all the animals about the baby king and performed a fun song and dance about his journey carrying Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. Then the donkey explains that there had been no room at the Inn and the kind Inn Keeper (Ada W) had let Mary and Joseph sleep in the stable. It was during that night the king had been born! Noble shepherds (Danny W and Jenson G) with adorable sheep (Kate Z-N and Verona P) visit the special baby, and so do glamourous camels (Kanon S, Millie S and Sophia OS). The wise kings (George M, Bodhi L and Oliver T) are the final visitors to enter the stable and everyone joins together to sing about the beautiful baby boy being born in a Bethlehem barn.

All of the children performed their lines beautifully and closed the nativity by singing ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ to truly capture the festive spirit! Thank you to Mrs Fry for preparing the script, helping children with their lines and for putting the production together; Mrs Skipper for teaching the children and performing all of the much loved songs; Mrs Tinjala for narrating the play beautifully, and to Mrs Daws and Mrs Reeson for the fabulous costumes and for helping every step of the way thank you. A final thank you must be given to the children for performing a truly brilliant Christmas play.

Published On: December 11th, 2020Categories: News, Pre-Prep