Monsters and fish in Nursery

Children in Nursery had super fun using imagination skills this week. We have been exploring our gardens and creating our own superheroes and number blocks. The children also enjoyed looking at books and telling us their own stories, Jude said, "Look at these monsters ahhhh" and Nicholas counted, "One, two, three fish." Some children recreated stories like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, using toys and equipment from around the room. We have also been busy with arts and crafts this week exploring the dinosaur stamps, using the paint dabbers and junk [...]

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National Nursery Rhyme Week

Children have been super busy with National Nursery Rhyme Week, colouring in nursery rhyme pictures, using singing spoons, as well as practicing Christmas songs. Also, this week the Nursery little ones have been working on their new sound 'n' in the Read Write Inc (RWI) programme and are doing so well remembering their sounds and identifying them in stories. A new kindness heart was made as the children talked about being kind to friends and the type of activities that are unkind and kind, such as playing with friends and [...]

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Learning about poppies in Nursery

This week in Nursery, we have been using our imagination skills, thinking about making our own stories through drawing. Percy said, "mine is a dinosaur," while Dougie said, "I am drawing a paw patrol story." We also spoke about Remembrance, and the children enjoyed watching the cbeebies Poppies video. They then spoke about what they think the poppy stands for. James said, "It's for the soldiers that march and protect us." Isabella enjoyed creating her poppy picture. Acorns and oaks also had great fun in the small world area this [...]

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Fireworks and fun in Nursery

The topic this term in Nursery is fireworks, celebrations and imaginative play. To start off the week, the children chose to have a shop as their roleplay, looking at different types of food, relating the cost of items to Numicon, and matching the numbers in print. They have enjoyed the puppet theatre, creating their own shows for friends. They also finished their own fire engine that was started in holiday club. Rudy said, "A fire engine can help put the fire out at fireworks." In Nursery they have been talking [...]

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Autumnal walks for Nursery

Pupils in Bluebell Nursery have been super busy this week, exploring the grounds on a beautiful autumn walk and looking at the different ways in which the natural environment of the School has changed. Charlie and Charlotte enjoyed playing boo in the big tree. Pupils also collected leaves, sticks and pinecones to make some lovely pictures. They all enjoyed learning about emotions this week, using the big mirror on the wall to explore how our face changes with each emotion. There was also a Tennis taster session with Mr [...]

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Nursery explore music and movement

This week in Bluebell Nursery we have enjoyed the Sports Hall and music time. In the Sports Hall we enjoyed playing popcorn with the parachute, making all the balls fly off the parachute. We also sat under the parachute taking turns to lift the parachute up and down over our friend's underneath. James told Daddy "I liked playing with the rockets in the sports hall" and Jeremy said "I am a frog jumping on my lily pads." At music time we have enjoyed exploring the musical instruments and singing our [...]

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Reading, writing and numeracy in Nursery

This week in Nursery, we have started to introduce Read Write Inc and Numeracy activities. The children have enjoyed exploring the number blocks characters and our first three sounds 'm, a and s.' We used bricks to make our own number block characters. We also became sound detectives looking for sounds around the room and in our stories. Ellie said, "I can count 1,2,3" while George said, "I found a" and Charles said, "I am looking for m." [...]

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Exploration and discovery in Nursery

This week in Nursery, we have been exploring the School grounds and pupils particularly liked it in the Outdoor Learning Centre, where they used magnifying glasses to find bugs and make objects bigger. Rosalind said, "I'm looking for bugs" and Wilfred said, "I have got creatures in a bucket that I found." Acorns and Oaks classes had lots of fun splashing in big puddles, going super-fast on the bikes and great balancing on tyres too. The children also enjoyed looking at the worm we found in the garden. A great [...]

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Successfully settling into Nursery life

This week in Nursery we have been getting into our new routines and all the children have settled well. The children have enjoyed exploring the new layout and new additions to the Nursery such as our new bark area. Friendships have been built and great fun has been had by all. We are especially enjoying our small world play, messy play areas such as sand and water. Rudy said, “I’m one of the big boys now and I can help the little ones.” Athena said, “ I like my new [...]

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