Icenian Interview – Talitha R

Former Head Girl Talitha R joined Langley in 2012, finishing in 2017 with A-Levels in English Literature, Accounting and Business Studies. Here we find out about her journey across the pond and her studies so far.

Icenian interview Talitha R e1592477151591Did you know what career you wanted to follow when you were at Langley?

Definitely not, I just made myself a goal to go to university in the U.S. because there you can decide within the first two years of college exactly what you want to do. My thought basis was that I would be travelling as well as studying.

Which extra-curricular activities, teams and trips were you in involved in at Langley?

I went on the 2015 trip to New York and Washington. I was in the tennis, netball, hockey and rounders teams, and I was Head Girl.

Do you think any of the above have been useful and given you transferable skills?

Yes definitely, I was captain of the tennis and netball teams, which I believe gave me great opportunities to better my leadership skills and to really feel part of a team.

The trip to Washington and NYC was the only time I had been to the U.S. before I came here too study, so I believe this trip played a big part in me deciding to set my goal for an American university.

Being Head Girl was an honour for me and I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn how to speak publicly throughout my Sixth Form years. I felt that I learnt how to bridge the gap between students and staff, and these communication skills have been vital to my development throughout university and life since Langley.

Where and what are you studying?

I am at North Carolina Wesleyan College, currently studying for a degree in Accounting and a degree in Exercise Science. You are able to major in two things here depending on what school you go to. I just finished my third year (junior) and have one year left (senior).

How did things begin for you?

I originally started as an Accounting major but had an interest in nutrition and the human body. I decided to add the other major of Exercise Science because of this interest. I am extremely happy I did so because I then tore my ACL during my second year (sophomore) and, having learnt so much for my Exercise Science degree throughout the recovery process, I am now very passionate about this subject.

I have been able to find the perfect Masters program (Healthcare Management) for the skills I have developed in Accounting and Exercise Science. Therefore, I am currently working towards achieving a place in this field during my final year of university in North Carolina.

On reflection, did your time at Langley School help to prepare you for your next steps?

I do believe that my time at Langley School helped me to get to where I am today. I never realised how challenging it would be for me to live in a completely different culture in North Carolina. The communication skills gained and people I met at Langley have definitely helped me to settle here. I really felt like I was made to feel that I could do anything when I was at Langley, and I am actually currently trying to channel that energy to get me through my last year and to find the perfect place to do my Masters.

Is there any advice you would like to give to students currently considering their A Levels and career choices?

Advice I would offer to students would be to have integrity with the things that you do and trust yourself that you will make the decisions that will serve you best. Try not to worry too much if things are not perfect right now because I have realised that they never will be, so you might as well just enjoy the process and be happy!

Do you have any regrets?

I don’t really believe in regret because there is nothing I can do about the things in the past now. However, I would say that I tried very hard during my time at Langley with my school work and extra-curricular, but I would tell my younger self to relax a bit more and enjoy the present.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would really like to offer my appreciation to Langley and the teachers I encountered while I was there. Without having attended Langley I do not know if I could have managed to adapt to the lifestyle out here in the States and persevered the way I have.

I would like to give a shout out to Mr Clark and Mrs Yates for doing an incredible job at teaching me Accounting because so far (three years of American University) I have not learnt anything they did not teach me better in my A-Level Accounting classes.

Published On: June 18th, 2020Categories: Icenians