Celebrating Bonfire Night

Pre-Prep children celebrated Bonfire Night by creating beautiful fireworks pictures using various props, listening to stories about Guy Fawkes and writing sentences around this story or creating Fireworks safety posters.

During Assembly, the children talked about how people have fireworks when celebrating someone’s birthday, New Year, Halloween, or Diwali. They also discussed different traditions on Bonfire Night, like making Guys or eating toffee apples, hot dogs, or jacket potatoes. Some children reminded everyone what they need to wear on a bonfire night, considering the cold weather. There were also some discussions about how some people or animals do not like very loud noises and how they might not enjoy the fireworks.

In connection with Bonfire Night, Year 2 chose their Literacy Reading Comprehension topic in connection with this. They discussed the traditions of 5th November and why we celebrate the day. The history of that day in 1605 has ignited the interest of the Year group and encouraged the pupils to discover more facts. Why do we have bonfires and fireworks?

Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot, I see no reason, Why gunpowder treason, Should ever be forgot!

The children in Year 2 ended the week with having marshmallows around the campfire in our Outdoor Learning Centre. They all enjoyed watching videos of fireworks from London and everyone is very excited about the Fireworks display at school on Friday 5th November.

Published On: November 4th, 2021Categories: News, Pre-Prep