Caitlin in Culver – a letter from America

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Culver in the snow. Pictured below, Caitlin (left)

Lots has happened here at Culver Academies, Indiana, since my last letter in October 2021. First of all, I was able to come home to Norwich for the Christmas break. It was a wonderful month at home. I saw all my family and caught up with friends. I would be lying, though, if I said I wasn’t eager to get back to Culver.

Last week, I firmed up my offer from Loughborough University to study Sport and Exercise Psychology. I am very excited to continue both my academic and sporting pursuits there! Sport has been a huge part of my Culver experience. As mentioned in my last letter, I was rowing throughout the fall. When winter came, I joined Fencing. This is a sport I do at home, so was excited to continue. Just last weekend, we won the overall conference championships. This means we’re the best women’s epee team of the Great Lakes (states include Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio). Now the fencing season has finished, I’m playing Lacrosse; a sport I’ve always wanted to try and am loving. I’ve tried to keep up my passion for hockey through Lacrosse as the skills and dynamics of the games are similar.

In my last letter I said that the weather was about 25 degrees. I wish I could be saying the same. Rather, we have had temperatures in the last few weeks of about -20 degrees. Lake Maxinkuckee has frozen over and seems to have no intention of unfreezing anytime soon! Although it’s slowly, very slowly, starting to warm up. The average temperature now is about -10 degrees. Snow covers the ground wherever I look, and campus looks beautiful covered in white. Nevertheless, I’m ready for the spring weather to come.

One of my highlights from the past few months has been watching the Culver ice hockey games. The atmosphere is amazing. Every time a goal is scored the crowd goes wild in the bleachers, and music blasts. I find it fascinating to watch hockey on ice. Another highlight has been watching the sunrise and sunsets over the lake. They are stunning this time of year. Walking into town for lunch in the snow has also been great fun.

I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by; I’m more half-way through my time here. We are counting down the days until graduation. I have lots of things to fit in before June 5th though; I will be visiting Vegas, Arizona, Utah and California during Spring Break, I have many upcoming Lacrosse games, Senior Dinner Dance and Final Ball to attend, spring weather in Culver, and many more exciting things. I’m also looking forward to having some of my friends visit from the UK in the summer!

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