Latest Icenian Interview – Cara

Cara iiI completed my A-Levels at Langley School, from the year 2013 through to 2015, and gained A-Level qualifications in English Literature, Psychology and Media Studies. I also gained my AS Level qualification in Fine Art. I went on to study BSc Occupational Therapy at the university of East Anglia and graduated with a first-class honour’s qualification in 2018.

During my time at Langley, I had an interest in pursuing a job in healthcare. I had previously explored the career pathway of Occupational Therapy, and one of my teachers at Langley supported me to gain work experience with an Occupational Therapist, which solidified my passion for the profession.

While I did not attend regular onsite extra-curricular activities at school, I was provided with the opportunity to engage in work experience at the preparatory branch of the school, alongside my studies. This was particularly valuable in terms of enhancing my confidence, leadership abilities and professionalism. It also allowed me to gain insight into the structure of the classroom environment (from a teaching perspective) and informed my current career pathway whereby I work with children in the education and home settings. In addition, I applied for – and was successful in achieving – the head of social position within the headmaster’s council, which involved co-ordinating the social aspect of the sixth form, including ensuring that students attended lessons after break and lunch times (relying on time-management skills), and heading the senior ball committee (practicing delegation and organisational skills). I also tried debating but, as someone who is very easily persuaded by the other team’s arguments, it wasn’t quite for me!

Langley taught me that discipline and ambition really can get you to where you want to be. Whether that’s a certain career, a passion you have or even in your personal life.

Gaining work experience at the preparatory school influenced my ability to liaise with professionals and apply my observational skills when structuring practical activities for children, and grading activities appropriately depending on individual need. Taking on the position within the headmaster’s council nurtured my ability to lead a team, which I have been responsible for within my professional career.

Following my graduation from university, I secured my first role in a secure unit for adults with learning disabilities. My role involved managing the Occupational Therapy department and providing a range of individualised activities to enhance the life skills of service-users. Following this, I worked in a diagnostic team for children and young people with autism spectrum disorder, where I conducted observations and standardised assessments which informed the diagnostic process. My current role is with the Children with Disabilities Service; conducting assessments, goal planning and interventions for children with a range of challenges relating to their activities of daily living (including sleep, sensory differences and emotional regulation).

Alongside my career, I am pleased to be nearing the completion of my MSc Psychology degree, which has informed my clinical reasoning abilities and furthered my understanding of psychology (my curiosity for which was fostered when I undertook my Psychology A-Level at Langley). Aside from this, during the COVID pandemic, I wrote a fictional novel which will be published by a London-based publishing house in the near future. I have also written and recorded many original songs over the last few years, a couple of which have been played by more than 30 radio stations to date. I am now performing my songs in venues and festivals all over Norfolk, and I aim to continue doing so to enhance my confidence and increase my exposure.

Langley taught me that discipline and ambition really can get you to where you want to be. Whether that’s a certain career, a passion you have or even in your personal life. I was encouraged to commit myself fully to tasks or responsibilities I had taken on and being successful with some of these demonstrated how hard work pays off. Through this, I learnt how to believe in myself and persevere.

I would say tell youngsters to throw themselves into the whole school environment and take advantage of the range of extra-curricular activities that Langley offers. Looking back, I wish I had signed myself up to more of, especially music which plays a large role in my life role. Also, I believe there are now resident dogs onsite… Spoil them with adoration!

Lots to pick from… I would say world book day when our form got to dress up as the Great Gatsby and were definitely the best form (no bias here whatsoever) is my fondest memory of Langley.

I want to give a shout out to Mr Wood, who I believe has retired now. He was my form tutor and English literature teacher, and his lessons would go on to inspire me to write a book! I would also like to hear from Charlotte Utting, former student of Langley School.

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