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Mental Health Week in Pre-Prep

Last week the children in Pre-Prep celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week. The theme ‘Growing together’ focused on how their emotions, as well as their bodies, change as they grow. In these times, when they’ve needed a bit of support and encouragement, the children talked about who has lifted them up and helped them climb higher to reach their goals.

All the children from Bluebell Nursey through to Year 2 made their own hot air balloon with images or names of people who support them and lift them up when the going gets tough, encouraging them to be resilient and have a go.

“I loved making my balloon,” Bella in Year 2 said, while Edie in Reception said, “Grandma and Daddy lift me up!”

Healthy eating, word searches, acrostic poems, tree hugging and worry dolls were among some of the other activities the children took part in. To end the week, Pre-Prep enjoyed a whole school wellbeing walk, accompanied by Honey the school wellbeing dog, during which the children stumbled across some team activities that put into practice communicating, supporting and lifting each other to cross the finish line.

A fabulous ending to an important and eventful week!

Published On: February 15th, 2022Categories: News, Pre-Prep

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