Excellent EPQ presentations

Monday 30th November saw this year’s cohort of Upper Sixth students present the findings of their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The dedication, hard work and shear academic rigour of the projects shone through.

Congratulations go to the students for their expert levels of subject knowledge, evaluative skill and fielding of related questions in mature and erudite fashion. The event also showcased their marvellous public speaking abilities, while reinforcing the fact that they are now experts in each of the topic areas. They truly are a credit to themselves and Langley School.

COVID restrictions meant we were unable to invite parents on this occasion. However, the event was well attended and supported by the Headmaster, numerous staff and Sixth Form students, all in masks and at a social distance of course.

A summary of the projects:

1. Which form of population control is most ethical? Reuben had outstanding interaction with the audience, especially with his engaging population count game, handling complex questions with ease.

2. To what extent are high profile sports betting companies responsible for poor mental health amongst problem gamblers and should there be more limitations in place to prevent this? Leo produced an intricate presentation focusing on the darker side of gambling and the impact it has on mental health.

3. To what extent is Guantanamo Bay unconstitutional? Lucy’s project was exceptionally well presented and raised some interesting points surrounding the ethical and legal implications of detaining prisoners without trial.

4. To What Extent Did the Citizens of Germany Support Hitler and the Nazi Party? One of the most thoroughly researched EPQs we have ever had, Freya produced an outstanding presentation produced to well beyond undergraduate level, displaying complex evaluative links between areas of study.

5. Were the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified? James’ project was evaluatively strong, complex and focused. Amalgamating, political, ethical and technological arguments to best effect.

6. Psychopathic Behaviour – is it influenced by nature or nurture? Kira’s research delved into the lives and medical history of notorious serial killers, such as Ted Bundy. She applied aspects of neuropsychology as well as biological psychology and an understanding human behaviour to explain psychoticism.

Published On: December 4th, 2020Categories: News, Sixth Form